Bengaluru Food Street, VV Puram Closed Temporarily

The coronavirus outbreak continues to spread with nearly 145,384 confirmed cases globally and more than 81 confirmed cases in India. With this, people are increasingly wondering how COVID-19 might affect our eating habits, food supply and restaurants. If you have been wondering whether to stay home from restaurants or if any foods are unsafe, here’s what you need to know.

VV Puram food street Closed Temporarily Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

One of the most popular food street joints in Bangalore, VV Puram is closed for a couple of days. More than 20 vendors selling South Indian, North Indian and Chinese delicacies under Bengaluru Food Street Varthakara Okkuta have voluntarily decided to temporarily close the food stalls. Later, Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) also supported the decision of shutting down the popular Food Street. The decision came up as a precautionary measure in order to clean and renovate the shops. It is also a preventative action to avoid spreading Cholera and Coronavirus.

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No “If”, But “When”

The decision taken by the local Union and the vendors is an anticipatory action in order to be safe. However, it would lead to drastic decline in the business and also leave many of their employees jobless amid the coronavirus pandemic. But most of us, for whom the Bangalore Food Street is the favourite food joint, are desperately waiting for the place to be live again. The local Union, Bengaluru Food Street Varthakara Okkuta is still unsure of what will happen next. Until then, Coronavirus has left most of the Bangaloreans house arrested.

VV Puram food street

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