The Escape Room – Are You Ready For The Real Time Adventure Game?

The Escape Room – Are You Ready For The Real Time Adventure Game?

Imagine yourself in a room with doors locked, clock ticking, an anonymous voice from somewhere giving you a clue and you trying hard to escape from the room in given time!!! Is it giving you the creeps already? Do you want to know what is it like to take on the challenge of an escape room? 

Well, if your friends have been talking about escape rooms and you’re still wondering what in the world they are and what is the deal about them, here ends your search.

Escape Rooms – The Real Time Adventure Game

Escape rooms are the hottest trends, these days. Groups of people gather in a themed room, where they are given a clue to get started, complete the mission and “escape” the room.

A successful escape requires people to find hidden clues and solve challenging puzzles throughout the room. So, imagine yourself taking a look underneath the rug or quickly sift through the books on the shelves, or may be take a closer look at the paintings on the wall. You may even find a string of numbers to open a combination lock or a good old-fashioned key for a padlock.

Everywhere you look is like a riddle waiting to be solved or a potential clue to get out of an “Escape Room”. But the deal is, from the moment you enter, you just have one hour to find clues and solve escape the room puzzle games before the time is up. Sounds interesting, right!!!


The real time adventure game originated in Japan in 2007, where online game developers created the realistic escape rooms. Today their popularity has quickly spread throughout Asia, Europe and the U.S. The game is getting in on the live action with hundreds of themed rooms across the country and especially Bangalore. So, Bangaloreans, expect to see pirate ships, prison cells, theatres, nuclear power plants, dig sites, and much more.

Why are Escape Rooms Becoming So Popular?

This game is a whole new way of experiencing storytelling. It is like combining a social activity with interactive adventures and challenging puzzles. Players are immersed in an entirely different world with storylines that feel like a blockbuster movie. And that’s what makes them so addicting.

The Team Building Activity

If you think this is just for fun, then let me tell you, beating an escape room is all about teamwork, creativity, speed, and patience. Escape rooms are amazing experiences to share with people, as they work together to discover clues to escape out of the room, crack puzzles, and accomplish their ultimate goal of getting out of it in time.

And even if they don’t actually get out of the room, the whole team will have a blast. Bangaloreans can take back home some amazing memories to share for a long time. So, you can either bring a large group to an escape game, or you can have a wonderful time by yourself. You can be put in any escape game location with strangers who will quickly become teammates or may become friends for life.

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