Rise in recruitment – Bengaluru is hiring

Rise in recruitment services.  Bengaluru is hiring.  The city is taking the lead with 13% growth in recruitment activity.

Bengaluru is hiring

Bengaluru, the Country’s tech hub, stands 1st in recruitment activity in the country.  There was a 13% growth in December 2018 compared to the same month in 2017.

22% of the hike was from software industries.

Rise in recruitment

The index stood at 2,122 for Bengaluru in December 2018, compared to 1,864 for the same month in 2017.   For India as a whole, the map went upwards from 1,833 in December 2017 to 1,987 in December 2018, a rise of 8 %.

Upward index of hiring

According to CMO of Info Edge India, Sumeet Singh who runs the runs the Naukri jobs portal, the year 2018 ended with growth in hiring across most major cities and top industries”.

Rise in recruitment – different sectors

 For the past few months, IT and Auto/Auto Ancillary sectors have been leading the growth. It has been a good year for BPO and FMCG.   There is a hope that the trend continues in 2019.

Bengaluru witnessed an increase of 18% in IT-Hardware sector.

Rise in recruitment – calculation of index

The rise in recruitment is calculated based on the index which takes job listings into account from one month to next month.    Naukri has used the job listings added to the site.  July 2008 has been taken as the base month with a score of 1000.

Rise in recruitment

The subsequent  month index is compared with the data available for the month of July 2008. 

Rise in recruitment in other cities

The rise in recruitment  in Pune is by 15% (2379), Mumbai 9% (1656), Chennai 9% (1602)  and Kolkata 14% (2322).   The Auto industries rise in recruitment stood at 24%, the HR by 17%, Oil & Gas 11% at 724, Telecom 10% at 542 and BPO 3%  at 1672 in India.

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