Cauvery water supply scheme stage V

Cauvery water supply stage V is set to proceed.  The BWSSB has finalized the consultancy firms. 

Cauvery river

The Government of Karnataka had directed the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) to re-direct Cauvery river water to the five zones under the Cauvery Water Supply Scheme-Stage V plan.  This was kept in cold storage as Stage IV was under process.

Cost of the Project of Cauvery water supply scheme V

The project is worth Rs.5500 crore and this includes construction of 7 ground level reservoirs.  The reservoirs will be at Gottigere, Kadugodi, Chokkahalli, Singapura and Lingadeverahalli.

Cauvery Water Supply Scheme (CWSS)-Stage V:

The scheme is primarily the construction of a complete  water supply and sewerage system.  This is to be systematically undertaken in the 110 villages area in 2 phases – 500 MLD to be supplied in Phase 1 and 225 MLD in Phase 2.

water is precious

The larger plan is to direct the surplus water from the project to core areas and 8 Urban Local Bodies (ULB) in the next decade 2024-2034.

A meeting was held last year.  It was revealed in the meeting that putting down of  the pipelines is 100% complete in nine villages.  The House Service Connections (HSC) activity is in progress for 17 villages, for which 7.5 MLD has been allotted.

Cauvery water supply scheme – flow of water

In Cauvery water supply scheme Stage V, water from Shiva Anekattu or Shiva Balancing Reservoir flows into Netkal Balancing Reservoir. It is then pumped to Toraikadanahalli water treatment plant. Treated water from Toraikadanahalli is then pumped into Bengaluru through pipelines and Harohalli and Tataguni pumping stations.

12 lakh residents in 110 villages get drinking water

Areas covered under Cauvery water supply stage V

Progress is being made slowly and steadily. According to a BWSSB progress-review report, work is progressing. In terms of the laying of the pipeline, 100% of the work has been completed in 9 of the 110 villages.

Pipe laying under progress

The areas  includes 5 in Dasarahalli zone, 3 in Bommanahalli zone and 1 in Mahadevapura. The same report says that 50% of the pipeline network has been laid in 36 villages, of which 14 are in Mahadevapura zone. The work has just begun in 64 villages, while 21 villages have been untouched.

Cauvery water supply stage V at a glance

An additional 775 MLD of water will be supplied to Bengaluru through Cauvery Stage V project.  The Stage V project includes 7 ground level reservoirs, 14 Sewage Treatment Plants and 7 ISPS.  This project will benefit 110 villages and will be commissioned by 2022.

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  • Regina

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    When can we get cauvery water to our locality all the borewell as been dried Begur Janapriya Layout (Yejaman Layout) even we are not getting tanker water or any alternative day by day going very miserable. before one year we got pipe line connection but it is vain we don’t know for whom to explain our problems or to contact. If we inform to our area corporator only we get false assurance. In such cases the concerned as to verify the locality and they as to take necessary steps to resolve the problem what the citizens are facing.

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