Bengaluru’s Rex Theatre closing down

Rex theatre-Bengaluru closing down on 31st December 2018  –  80 years of Cinema coming to an end.

Rex theatre at Bengaluru will be closing the shutters down on 31st December 2018 permanently.  The history of Rex goes as back as the 1930s.   The theatre will be turned into a multiplex and mall in a Joint Venture with the Prestige Group according to Anil Kapur, owner of Rex.

rex old black and white

The theatre has been visited by many emissary personalities over the years.  All these years Rex stood out as a rampart for the forgotten years of single-screen cinema in Bengaluru.

Rex will soon join the multiplex group. In a Joint Venture between Kapur Investments and Prestige group, the old theatre will be a four-screen multiplex including shops and restaurants.

History of Rex theatre :

Rao Saheb Pasupalety Venugopal Naidu bought one acre of land in the 1930s on Bangalore Cantonment Brigade Road.  Rao Saheb also is known as P.V.Paul, built two auditoriums on the grounds.

In 1940 the theatre began screening firms.  Out of the 2 auditoriums, one was used for screening English films and the other for regional language films.  Unfortunately, no regional language films were screened there.

Along the journey, Rao Saheb became bankrupt.  He took a loan of Rs.509000 by mortgaging the theatre in 1951 with the Palai Central Bank in Ernakulam.  He could not repay the loan.  The court decided to liquidate.

In 1960 the High Court of Karnataka ordered the liquidation of the Bank as the Bank ran into financial trouble.  In 1961 at the open auction of Rex theatre, Nand Lal Kapur who had settled in Bengaluru 10 years earlier attended the auction.

Nand Lal’s bidding for Rex theatre was Rs.851000.00.  As nobody was bidding at that price, he got the property.  The screen raised its curtain again with the movie ‘Sleeping Beauty’ in 1962.

Old Glories

During the 1970s and 80’s a string of hits followed at Rex theatre.  The popular movies screened at the theatre are Charlie Chaplin’s ‘Modern Times’, Sylvester Stallone’s ‘Cliffhanger’ and Bruce Lee’s ‘Return of the Dragon’.

In 1989, Hollywood actor Michael Keaton visited the theatre.  That was the day ‘Batman’ was premiered at Rex theatre.  He distributed the film’s merchandise to audience members.  Rex was the first theatre in Bengaluru to introduce a DTS sound system developed by the Indian Institute of Science.

Once the theatre shuts,  the beginning of the multiplex takes place. The multiplex will be ready and open in three years.  The mall will be called “REX”.

A sad Adieu to Rex.

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