Are You Up For BYOC Challenge – The “Bring Your Own Cup” Challenge

Paper and plastic cups are the biggest evil of coffee. A few are recycled, but billions and billions of them are dumped, every year. But are there any alternatives, though?

Well, if you love sipping your filtered coffee, but hate killing the planet, it’s time for you to invest in a reusable cup. But as with most things in the ever-changing coffee universe, the multitude of options available gives rise to many questions.

In a bid to beat plastic pollution, Whitefield residents have come up with a new challenge, “Bring Your Own Cup”. According to this challenge, people need to carry their own steel glasses or plates and use them instead of plastic or paper cups. They also need to post a picture of them holding the cups with hashtag #BYOC.

Rishita Sharma, Co Founder of Rent a Cutlery (which leases steel cutlery for events) and Green Utsav introduced the BYOC challenge. The motive is to reach out to people at a great pace and stop them from using plastic.

A large number of people use such cups on a daily basis, especially in the corporate offices and these cups are not eco friendly, at all. These cups are littered and they often clog drains.

With BYOC challenge, many people have started taking their own cutlery set from home, which includes, steel spoon, fork, straw and cup. The idea is that people should refuse plastic and this is why such challenges are being promoted on social media platforms to help motivate people.

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