K.R.Puram – a nightmare – Pedestrians suffer

K.R.Puram is turning into a nightmare for pedestrian’s.  The constituency has emerged as the deadliest locality in Bengaluru.  The heavy traffic movement on the bad stretch has given pedestrians and motorists the nightmares. 

The total number of cases were 1574 out of which 282 were fatal at Bengaluru.

Accidental death

The number of death of pedestrians in K.R.Puram recorded a highest in the city in 2017.  There were a total of 87 cases of which 25 were pedestrian death and 69 injuries. This data is according to a report by Anusha Chitturi and Varun Sridhar who are the co-founders of “The Footpath Initiative”.  It is an urban project.

K.R.Puram – Krishna Raja Purama

K.R. Puram – Krishnarajapuram is the headquarters of the Bangalore-East taluk and as such, houses a large number of government offices.  The area’s name is said to come from Krishnaraja Wadiyar III  who ruled the provincial state of Mysore from 1799 to 1868

It takes the residents of the area and pedestrians a lot of time to move from one stretch to another.  Due to medians motorists use the wrong side of the road.

Woes of K.R.Puram :

There is no proper footpath for pedestrians at K.R.Puram.  The roads are narrow and the situation has turned worse after the metro stations came up.  Pedestrians start  their day at K.R.Puram by skipping over dislodged pavements, skirting around the vendors selling vegetables.  The problems doesn’t stop there.  There are swerving electricity junction boxes and darting between vehicles.

K.R.Puram – No Place for pedestrians ?

The city was once full of walkers who used to leisurely walk down the vast and wide pavements in the evenings.  But today it has turned the simple act of crossing the road into wager/gamble.

Footpath encroachment

The civil body in its efforts to provide motorists a hassle free life at K.R.Puram, has put the pedestrians life at risk.  Major infrastructural projects taken by the BBMP has occupied the footpaths.  These projects have also shrunk the footpaths so much, it has become useless.

Senior citizens children, women and the school and college going students are facing the problems of constant flow of traffic. Even on signal free roads, one-ways, underpasses and flyovers these problems persist.

Other areas other than K.R.Puram :

K.R.Puram is followed by Banaswadi, Byatarayanapura, Yeshwanthapur, Madiwala, Peenya, Electronic city and Yelahanka.  These areas also recorded a large number of pedestrian crashes.  Banaswadi recorded 15 death and 40 injuries and Yeshwanthapur and Byatarayanapura recorded 13 deaths and around 50 injuries.

The major reason for pedestrian accidents in all the above mentioned areas were due to lack of infrastructure.

K.R.Puram – poor planning

Walking in K.R.Puram is nothing short of a nightmare.  The lack of concern of civic authorities is learning.  Accidents are common due to the lack of pedestrian crossings.  One-way routes have contributed to miseries of pedestrians.

Senior citizen struggling to walk

The pavements are occupied by vendors and street hawkers.  The civic authorities have failed to evict them.  Dislodged and missing stone slabs cause injuries to inattentive pedestrians.

Along with these problems the pedestrians encounter different obstacles like trees, electricity poles, junction boxes of mobile service provides, trenches etc. 

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