Madiwala Lake-BTM Layout

Madiwala Lake-BTM Layout

An abbreviation of Byrasandra, Thavarekere and Madiwala Layout is a neighbour-hood in South  Bengaluru.   This Constituency has 8 wards. Madiwala lake is one of the important landmark of BTM Layout.

 Madiwala Lake 

One never gets disappointed when they travel to see the beauty of the nature.  The Nature always makes you feel better and better at any time.  It gives hope and a feeling that one can stand alone whatever may happen…..

Bengaluru once used to have so many lakes but due to encroachment, the lakes have reduced slowly.  Madiwala lake is one such lake which is protected from being encroached.  It is situated in the BTM Layout.

Madiwala lake is one of the biggest lakes in Bengaluru spread over an area of 114.3 hectares.  The lake spreads over 270 acres with an island with bamboo bushes at the centre which attracts rare birds. A nice and calm place to spend some time on weekends or in the evenings with family.

It is said the lake was developed during the Chola period. As time passed, it became polluted with industrial waste. Thanks to the efforts of the Karnataka State Forest Department, the lake was cleaned and restored to its former glory in 2008. Citizens have also made efforts to preserve the lake. At a time when Bengaluru’s lakes are being threatened by encroachment and with horrific instances of lakes catching fire, it becomes the responsibility of citizens to ensure lakes like the Madiwala Lake are preserved.

The lake is well maintained, clean and neat. Entry fee is Rs.10/-for adults, Rs.5/- for kids.  Camera ticket is extra at Rs.100/- . You will be pleasantly surprised to find this beautiful large blue lake and  will be delighted  that the lake has boating.  There are 2 types of boats, one with self peddling which can accommodate 4 people and another is a big boat which can accommodate around 20-30 people. You have a whole paddle boat to yourself if you are not scared of waters and you can go on for any distance. You can ride towards the land in the middle of the lake. It is worth a visit on any day!   Boating is at Rs.50/- per person.  Boating can be difficult in the evenings with many people standing in queue.

Pay and Use toilets are present in the premises.  No plastic items are allowed inside.  Walking stretch is very long.  Benches are provided to take some rest and enjoy the beauty in leisure.  It is a good place to relax yourself and have a good time. Ice-cream and corns are available just outside the gate. Also you can see some fishes and feed them too.

You can spot many migratory birds. Painted storks, Indian cormorants, pond herons are found aplenty. The big birds like storks, cranes and ducks are present. There are a variety of migratory birds that flock to this lake: great cormorant, glossy ibis and lesser pied Kingfisher, to name a few. A board with the list of birds sighted at the lake is placed at the centre making bird watching exciting particularly for beginners.

A Nice place to spend weekend with family.

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