Kuvempu Park being adopted by BTM layout Residents

Kuvempu Park being adopted by BTM layout Residents

The Kuvempu park at BTM layout  is on the smaller side with a limited amount of equipment, some of which also may need a few repairs. This park is a large Forest theme park with various wild animals life size statues beautifully laid out  — giraffe, elephants, peacock, deer and a dinosaur too! No wonder this is famously known as the “zoo park” by many kids. BTM layout also has many other parks and play grounds but this one is a star attraction.  The park is beautiful and the grounds are quite large. There is a fountain on site.   There’s also a spacious gazebo right at the centre of the park for visitors to relax or take a break.

Residents said that the parks lack facilities like water, lights and security.  This despite the fact that the State Government releases funds for the maintenance once in 2 years.  The park needs minimum of Rs.25000/- for its maintenance and part of it is contributed by the residents.

The Residents’ Welfare Association in BTM Layout were unhappy with the BBMP’s maintenance of the parks in their area.  After repeated complaints about the maintenance by BBMP,  in the end they decided to adopt the biggest of the 13 parks, the Kuvempu park.

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